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Reiki is a Japanese word that comes from two words, Rei and Ki:  Rei is Universal Divine Love or Wisdom; Ki is the Japanese form of the more familiar Chinese Qi, or Prana in yogic traditions — the Life Force or Vital Energy that flows through all life. 


Connection with the inherent life force energy is an ancient practice that stretches back through time and across many traditions and cultures.  Simply described, Reiki is the Sacred or Universal Life Force Energy that flows through all living things, including the human organism.


A teacher in 19th Century Japan, Mikao Usui, in search of answers to the mystery of healing, began a long journey of studying, receiving, and restoring an ancient practice of natural healing:  Reiki.  There have since been many additions and variations to the original system, many of which Kerry has explored and studied.  Indeed, the flow of Reiki energy, that which is Divine Life Force, is incorporated in Vibrational Oneness practice and treatment sessions.


Kerry is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner in the original Usui System of Reiki Healing and can trace her lineages back through both Western and Eastern lines to Usui, whom she honours as one of her teachers. 


A simple yet powerful hands-on treatment, Reiki encourages deep relaxation within the body and triggers its instinctive ability to heal and return to balance physically, mentally, and emotionally — the intrinsic processes that quickly close and restore a cut on the finger work on all levels ... if we let them.  Meridians are opened, energy blockages are dissolved, and alignment restores balance.


Reiki with Kerry
Reiki with Kerry

During a treatment, the practitioner's hands are placed lightly on various parts of the body. The client may have an accompanying awareness of energy flow as sensations such as tingling or warmth are felt in the body as the practitioner moves around the table.  However, the sensation of the client during a Reiki treatment is individual to each and whatever the sensation, or not, no one should doubt the intense healing power of deep relaxation as the vital energy is allowed to flow — that flow promotes our essential ability to heal.  The magnificent mechanism that is our body continually strives for homoeostasis or equilibrium; it will always seek to return to its natural state of balance and wholeness.


















Reiki accelerates the innate healing ability of the body and those who are attuned and choose to embrace Reiki as part of their daily practice can be strengthened to embrace self-responsibility and receive the joy of continued wellness and well-being. 


Attunement workshops in all levels of Reiki are available for those who would like to explore this time-honoured practice and be able to give Reiki to themselves and others.  Kerry no longer schedules regular workshops, but if you feel drawn to this ancient practice and would like to be attuned through Kerry, or if you would like to refresh or to take your Reiki practice to a deeper level, please contact Kerry.


We hold so much in our bodies; letting go is often not something that comes easily to us.  When we allow ourselves to let go, if only for the time of a Reiki session, it is a powerful time — healing is accelerated, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  A sense of deep relaxation, regeneration, and wellness is promoted as we return to our natural state of harmony and balance, and often a forgotten sense of peace and calm is available to us. If you would like to enquire about a Reiki session, please contact Kerry.

Still your thoughts, open your heart, and expect a miracle ...

All is Well.

Reiki Self-Treatment
Still your thoughts. All is Well. Reiki

To Kerry of the Gentle Hands.  Thank you!  Will be returning for another!! 


S.L. School Teacher

Pambula NSW

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