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Wellness & Well-Being with Kerry

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Kerry holds Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, and Nutritional Medicine, a Master Aromatherapist Diploma in Clinical and Holistic Aromatherapy, and a Diploma in Advanced Crystal Therapy.  She is also the creator and founding Teacher Practitioner of Vibrational Oneness, and a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and practitioner. Kerry has long offered a range of natural and energy treatments to those who are drawn to her. 


Wellness and a sense of well-being are so much more than the absence of illness — and how each of us chooses to find health and vitality, or simply find relief, is the choice of each of us. 

Kerry encourages us to embrace self-responsibility for wellness and well-being, embrace self-mastery of all that we are, and embrace a preparedness to release entrenched habits and thoughts that no longer serve us well. Working in co-operation and consultation with clients is paramount as she encourages each of us to actively participate in our own wellness and well-being.


She is in constant wonder of the forgiving nature of the body to past choices that have not served us well, and she is passionate about the ability of natural and energy therapies to support and enhance our innate healing potential, return us to balance, and restore our innate sense of wellness and well-being.  Kerry knows that we are here to thrive and encourages us to choose a life well lived.


She knows that whether we choose natural or orthodox medicine, a vital component of wellness and well-being is the healing and re-balancing that must take place mentally and emotionally. A sense of our innate wellness and well-being flows from a choice to embrace and honour all that we are ... physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We are so much more than the physical body.


All that she offers facilitates a decision to accept our innate wellness and well-being and dare to be all that we are ... whether through her uplifting and life-affirming books and courses that encourage self-responsibility, self-reverence and self-mastery, consultations and energy sessions with Vibrational Oneness, Reiki, or meditation, or through awareness of the Soul path that she brings through her astrology and numerology readings, or day-to-day guidance of angel or goddess tarot and other card readings. There is no separation and each is part of the whole ... and we are all so much more than our parts.


We are here to thrive, and Kerry encourages each of us to choose a life well lived and to embrace the wonder that is Life and the tools we are gifted from the Earth and Beyond.


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