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The Manisha School of the Ancient Wisdom

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I am Manisha.

My name means Wisdom.

Students of the Manisha School of the Ancient Wisdom remember that which has been forgotten.

The ancients knew that the master does not teach. It is the student who learns from the master. So it is for students drawn to the Manisha School of the Ancient Wisdom as practices and connection stir memory within you of all that you are and all that you can be.

Live a life that celebrates your conscious connection to all that you know yourself to be, and embrace ever becoming all that you are!

We come forth into physical with infinite tools at our disposal to support us being however we choose to be. We are gifted tools from the Earth and Beyond. We are gifted innate connection to All That Is.

The Manisha School of the Ancient Wisdom offers courses on expanding our conscious connection to the Earth and Spirit, all aspects of that which is Love and Light, and living a life of connection. 
The Manisha School of the Ancient Wisdom offers online courses that help us remember there is no separation.

Change always begins within and so courses begin with self-treatment and self-healing on our way to self-mastery ... it is from that place of connection that some will choose to facilitate for others ... but you are invited to begin with you and work through your course in your own time, knowing that you are supported every step of the way.


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