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High Vibrational Healing from the Earth and Beyond

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Crystal Resonance book
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In this second book in the Crystal Resonance series, Kerry Nelson Selman will expand your experience of the wonder of crystals used in specific combination with the addition of fourteen new combinations.

To heal is to make whole. At our very essence, we are Spirit, and Crystal Resonance 2 is here with more life-enhancing and life-affirming tools to help us navigate this life in physical, and heal that which limits us being all that we choose to be!


This second book in the Crystal Resonance series continues exploration of the healing available to us when crystals, essentials oils, and essences from Mother Earth are specifically combined to facilitate our innate connection to archangels, guides and teachers, and our Higher Self.


We are introduced to the synergy, healing, and life-enhancing resonance of fourteen new crystal combinations, and once again Kerry shares her own inspirational and personal moments of wonder with these healing combinations.

The wonder and healing tools we are naturally gifted await you in Crystal Resonance 2!


  • Meditations, affirmations, and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to support your decision to heal and be all that you choose to be!

  • High vibrational combinations and practices to enhance conscious connection and guidance from archangels and spirit guides.

  • Links to the fourteen guided meditations on the Crystal Resonance YouTube channel.


The combinations and practices shared in Crystal Resonance 2 are fourteen from Kerry’s own Vibrational Oneness practice, which was recognized as an approved healing modality in 2013. These fourteen combinations make a total of twenty-seven Vibrational Oneness combinations and practices that Kerry has shared over the first two books in the Crystal Resonance series.

Heal and be all that you choose to be with Crystal Resonance 2!

Heal and be however you choose to be.

Be all that you choose to be ... and shine bright!


All 14 Affirmation Meditations from Crystal Resonance 2

are now freely available on YouTube! 

Those readers who prefer a guiding voice to lead them, please enjoy...

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Kerry Nelson Selman

As a practitioner of herbal medicine and aromatherapy, Kerry is aware of the powerful synergy that occurs in a well-constructed blend; likewise, the fourteen inspired crystal combinations she shares in Crystal Resonance 2 are all about the synergy.  A synergistic combination offers so much more than the sum of its component parts as each component enhances the other.  Indeed, are we not all so much more than our component parts, each a synergistic blend of all we have lived? 

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