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Finding Her Peace
Kerry Nelson Selman
Finding Her Peace

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Kate had come far … from stilettos to elastic-sided boots, from the chic of the inner city to the harsh climate of the rugged southern tablelands.

She’d left behind disrespect, disloyalty, and dreams of what never could be.

She left with snail-trail scars well hidden.

And she left with her dignity.


The Fates brought her an odd collection of mentors and guides to walk with her.

Synchronicity opened a path and she dared to take it.

Kate travelled far to find her peace … emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

She found inner peace … inner peace that holds true for each of us simply waiting for the moment when we decide to release the past, be all that we choose to be … and dare to know all that we are.

And she found love.

Finding Her Peace is the first in Kerry's 3-book Hara Series. These books of positive fiction tell the tales of spiritual and personal growth, with a hint of romance, as three women dare to change and find that which they are seeking in the small town of Bradford.

The second book in the series, Finding Her Truth, is planned for release towards the end of 2019.

The Three Haras

In traditional Japanese Reiki and other energy systems

our whole being is balanced and harmonized

using three main chakras or energy centers known as the Haras.

Indeed, the author’s practice of Vibrational Oneness

also accesses the power of the three Haras –

the upper at the Third Eye, the lower at the Sacral chakra,

and the third at the bridging Heart chakra.

Harmonizing these three chakras brings about balance—

that sense of wholeness and wellness that is at our core,

and that feeling of connection that we all innately seek.

Life is to be experienced. Life is to be lived.

We are all so much more than the sum of our parts.


The Third Eye is our center of inspiration, intuition and knowing.

It is where what we know balances what we think as the intuitive eye

sees beyond appearances and agendas.

When the Third Eye remains unbalanced

we feel a deep sense of loneliness and separation that is often hidden.

We cope. We don our mask and go through the motions of life.

We lose the wonder of Life.

Meditation can balance the Third Eye chakra—

we learn to still the mind and remember to trust the guidance within.

We develop our innate wisdom and clarity through connection and

we open to Love that cannot be found in the drama of life.

We feel connected, strong, guided, and we embrace our quiet knowing.

We accept that which we cannot change and move on.

We are inspired, and dare to dream.

We find our peace. We deserve no less.

Dare to be all that you choose to be ... 

Available from all major online sellers ...

or ask at your local bookstore!

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