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Meditation brings stillness to the whole of the body and is a powerful tool that calms, rejuvenates and regenerates.  Kerry's meditations are an eclectic mix that comes from the many styles she has experienced and now integrated into her own practice; Kerry's meditations quiet the thinking-brain in our head, balance the feeling-brain in our gut, and expand the powerful heart-brain.


A guiding voice can be particularly helpful for the inexperienced to still the mind and find that quiet place within — and helpful for even the more experienced during times of struggle.


Meditation assists the body's natural ability to heal on all levels — the physical, emotional and mental bodies — and enhances access of the individual mind to Universal Mind, as the controlling voice of the ego is put to the background for a while.  We can become aware of the wholeness of All That Is; we can find great peace in the stillness and an awareness that all is well. 


We glimpse an appreciation of Oneness, each part complete and a microcosm of the macrocosm.  As your favourite plant may be identifiable by its flower, or by its leaf, or by its shape, it is so much more, and so we start to appreciate that we are all so much more than the sum of our parts ... so much more than our physical body, so much more than how we act, so much more than how the ego thinks. 

The reasons that people come to meditation are as varied as the individuals, however Kerry has not found anyone not enriched by the experience.  It is a powerful, proven, and effective method of reducing stress and enhancing quality of life. We find it easier to focus on 'the now' and enjoy today, let go of the past, and not worry about what might be, or what might not be. We are able to be.


On a cellular level, the body processes are enhanced, cellular ageing is slowed and hormones that benefit the system are produced; on a mental level, meditation gives us clarity of thought, together with an inner calm and confidence.  Kerry is happy to include a guided meditation in any consultation or treatment session — it is often offered, but please do not hesitate to ask. Kerry is also happy to provide individual guided meditations via Skype or phone.


Quite simply, for Kerry, meditation is awareness, a heightened mindfulness and clarity, which brings a deep knowing that, indeed, all is very well as she begins each day.  She is more alert to the wonders of life; she is more appreciative of the wonders of life; she has more focus; she has more compassion for self and others; she is more forgiving of herself and others; and there is an ease and flow to her day that she cherishes in every moment.


Kerry regularly records meditations for the website — meditations can be found on the Guided Meditations page for those looking for a guiding voice to support their meditation. All Kerry's guided meditations are also freely available on the Vibrational Oneness YouTube channel.











We spend time with the one who sits in the middle and knows. 

We walk in fields of wonder and know ... All is Well.

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