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Card Readings

The wonder of tarot has long held an interest for me, simply because of the guidance that is so appropriate to where I am at the time of reading ... albeit not always what I might want to hear!


These days, I use various oracle cards, including Archangel Tarot, Guardian Angel Tarot and Goddess Tarot cards and the popular Daily Guidance, Life Purpose and Ascended Teacher cards. 


Where the Astrology Natal Report reminds me of my Soul-path, my Oracle Card Reading provides a clear channel for daily guidance along my Soul-centred path, particularly when Spirit is a little hard to hear.

Enjoy a Card Reading for some added clarity and guidance from the messengers and guiding aspects of Spirit about where you are at, beyond appearances, and what direction the angels and guiding aspects of Spirit inspires you to consider for the most optimal outcome along your Soul-centred path. 

Kerry offers readings using Angel Tarot, Guardian Angel Tarot, and Mythical Goddess Tarot decks, and Life Purpose, Daily Guidance and Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. Kerry will take a moment to 'connect' with you at the beginning of the Reading, and before choosing and shuffling the cards for you, as she is guided by Spirit. 

She further facilitates connection and guidance by allowing an anointed crystal pendulum to swing during the Reading and so nudge her in the direction of any re-wording which may be required by Spirit for the highest good.


Kerry offers card readings by Phone in 30-minute and 60-minute gift packages from you to you - gift yourself a 30-minute card reading for $60 ... or indulge in a 60-minute card reading, which often brings in messages using multiple decks, for $100.

Short Card Readings are willingly given, upon request, to clients attending the clinic and students attending Workshops ... so if you are attending the clinic for a consultation, session, or class, please discuss with Kerry if you would like a mini 3-card reading.

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