About Kerry

Kerry is a practitioner of natural and energy medicines. She is the creator and Teacher Practitioner of Vibrational Oneness, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and an inspired workshop presenter and author who lovingly and willingly shares information, teaches, and provides ongoing support to her students; she lives that which she teaches and also enjoys yoga, tai chi, and meditation as part of her daily practice. 


Kerry is passionate about facilitating wellness and well-being in all who are drawn to her ... whether as an author, practitioner, or teacher.  She brings together all of her knowledge, experience, and passions in all that she does.

She knows how it feels to dare to choose a different path.  After a lifetime in the city, Kerry and her husband opted for change and took the opportunity to change their minds and change their lives.  They chose ease and simplicity ... and so their journeys forked onto a new path.  Today, life holds little similarity to that which has long past. Restoring and rejuvenating a five-acre property reignited her connection to Mother Earth and with it a love of growing and using her own herbs.  Kerry's deep respect for the abundance that can come from the Earth is in the genes — she can trace her heritage back through a long line of those with a deep connection to the Earth.


A subsequent move down to the wild beauty of the far south coast brought with it new opportunities and Wellness by the Sea was launched.  Kerry now shares her passion for the wonder of life, and the forgiving nature of the body, through her writing and teaching, and through her practice.  She knows daring to change can be challenging; she knows daring to change can bring strength, peace, and joy beyond measure.


Today Kerry celebrates her vitality and joy with gratitude each morning, and appreciates that she is able to use her own eclectic life experiences to reach those who seek change but feel change is simply too hard.


As the author of inspired and uplifting books of self-mastery and self-realization, she generously shares her knowledge and passions, and often includes snippets of her own transitions with humour and truth.  She writes to inspire, empower, and sometimes challenge each of us to be all that we choose to be.  There can be no greater joy for Kerry than to uplift, facilitate relief, or stimulate strength to change. She writes from the heart with the hope that those who choose to read her words feel them, are touched by them, and somehow feel better for reading them.  At the very least, it is Kerry's hope that readers have renewed understanding that nothing matters more than how they feel ... and they get to choose for themselves in every moment.


Awareness of the choices we make in our daily lives will always facilitate a path to feeling better, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  We take responsibility for our own health and happiness, and free all others of the burden of providing it for us.  The choices we make will always shine from us, be reflected in the world around us, and add to the delicious texture of life.


Kerry is aware of the strength that comes from a life rich in experience.  Indeed, she is grateful for all of it, and appreciates the love, compassion, and laughter that now flow easily through her and from her. 

Kerry chooses to live in the wonder of life ...

from there she can facilitate you becoming all that you choose to be.



Vibrational Oneness Kerry Nelson Selman
Wellness by the Sea
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