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Be all that you choose to be

and shine bright!

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Kerry is the author of books that uplift the body, mind and spirit, and books of positive fiction ... with a hint of romance.


She is an author, teacher, facilitator of wellness and well-being, and energy alchemist who brings together all of her knowledge and passions in her writing. Kerry lovingly and willingly shares her knowledge so that others might dare to be all that they choose to be. Her books of positive fiction encourage us to take some time for us ... and many have been inspired to change through the stories she weaves.


Kerry writes with integrity from the heart. She lives that which she teaches ... some days simply feel better for reading Kerry Nelson Selman.

About Kerry
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Author, healer, alchemist, and facilitator of well-being, Kerry knows how it feels to dare to choose a different path.

She now shares her passion for the wonder of life, and the power within each of us, through her teaching, mentoring, writing and practice.  She understands that daring to change can be challenging, but she also knows daring to change can bring strength, peace, and joy beyond measure.


She now appreciates that her own eclectic life experiences can serve to support those who seek to change. 

The choices we make will always shine from us, be reflected in the world around us, and add to the delicious texture of life.

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Kerry is a facilitator and alchemist of wellness and well-being. She has long been a practitioner of natural and energy medicines ... although she has now stepped back from private consultations.


She is a facilitator of wellness and well-being who lovingly and willingly shares her knowledge so that others might dare to be all that they choose to be ... and come to know all that they are.


Kerry lives that which she teaches and authentically shares that which she has learned in her many books, guided meditations, workshops and online courses.


Her commitment is to be fully present for all who are drawn to work with her. She is healer ... through her practice and words.

I choose to live in the wonder of Life - from there I can facilitate you becoming all that you choose to be.

Expect a miracle ... and it will come!

Be the miracle ... and so it is!

~ Kerry Nelson Selman

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